Creators mini-party October 2002

This Creators mini-party took place at Mermaid's place in the north-eastern part of Oslo during the weekend 26-27 October 2002.

Attendees: Mermaid (obviously), TDS and myself.
Official releases: TDS' music collection Laconic.

Here are some pictures of what went on at the party. All photos © Copyright 2002 Peter Krefting <>.

Mermaid's computer collection

Mermaid has one impressive collection of Commodore computers. Some of it is depicted here:

[Mermaid's computers] [Boxed C116] [Disguised RR]
A small part of Mermaid's collection. Commodore 116 with serial number 123, still in its original box. A Retro Replay cartridge in disguise; the case is originally from a The Final Cartridge II.

AD IEC-ATA interface

We tried out Asbjørn Djupdal's IEC-ATA interface with a spare disk that I brought along. After figuring out that the disk was jumpered as slave we got it to work, but it was a bit disappointing that it didn't work together with either the Retro Replay, a TFC III or even with JiffyDOS. The only utility cartridge that worked was an Epyx Fastload, but that's just because it does not try to accelerate device 10 (which is the number for the hard disk.

[Test setup] [Closeup] [IDE directory]
The test setup. Close-up on the ATA interface. A directory listing screenshot.


The total count of attendees was 3. Here they are, caught on camera:

[Mermaid and TDS] [Peter]
Mermaid & TDS. Me.

Demo coding

What's a C64 party without a demo? TDS is working hard on his music collection Laconic.

[TDS coding] [Mermaid and TDS]
TDS doing some Turbo Assember hacking. Mermaid (being camera shy) & TDS.

Scroll text editing

And what's a demo without a scroll text?

[TDS writing scroll text] [Mermaid writing scroll text] [Me; TDS in background]
TDS writing the first part of the scroll text for Laconic. Mermaid writing some scroll text. Me looking stupid while TDS is saving the scroll text to disk.

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