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What about TNA and other wrestling organizations?
None of their programming seem to reach my country, thus I have no information to share. The ECW section came through outside contributions, perhaps you want to help me with another?
Why aren't there any pictures?
This site is dedicated to present match results only, and for that I don't need any pictures. If you want pictures, there are plenty of sites that have them.
Why isn't it always up-to-date?
While I do have access to the WWE Network and FITE here in Norway, the live events are usually aired at Sunday nights at 20:00 New York time, which translates into Monday morning at 02:00 over here, which means that with kids and a full-time job, it is difficult to watch them live (although that has happened). I also also greatly appreciate your help in keeping the site updated!
Do you sell videotapes or other merchandising?
No, I don't. I don't sell any merchandise. I'm not affiliated with any of the wrestling organizations. Search with Google for sites that are selling them, and stop bugging me for information on where to get it...
What's the address to wrestler XXX?
I don't know! I'm not affiliated with any of the wrestling organizations, and have no "back-stage" information, nor any addresses to the wrestlers. Heck, I don't even live on the continent where most of this takes place...
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