Pan 0.9.7 Translation Spam

From: Charles Kerr (
Date: 2001-05-30 05:09:45

Hello Translators,

Pan is now in code freeze for translations to be made for the
stable 0.9.7 release, which is the first stable release in a little
over two months.

It will likely be another two months until the next stable release:
after 0.9.7 comes out we're going forward with 0.10.0  So if any of
you would like to update the Pan translation for 0.9.7, it would be
much appreciated on this end.


PS: I'm sending this to the address that have been listed in the
Last-Translator and Language-Team fields of the po files.  If you
would rather not be spammed in the future, let me know and I'll take
you off the list.

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