"Community ads"

From: peter karlsson (peter_at_softwolves.pp.se)
Date: 2001-04-06 07:05:29


Jag behöver hjälp med en översättning till "community ads" som
förekommer på http://www.debian.org/banners/ Just nu har jag bra
översatt det med "reklam", men det är inte helt bra. Är det någon som
har några bra tips?

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> In this case, with the "community ads", I just skipped the word altogether.

Perhaps some more context might help you find a better word.
Sometimes television stations runs advertising for a charity or perhaps
a public health announcement and they do this either free or for a very
small token amount.  These advertisements are community service

It's not the organisations that are the community, it is the community
or general public that they are talking about. It's for "the good of the
community" or "general public benefit".

Hope this helps you find your word.

  - Crag
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