Regarding the swedish locale and sorting rules

Författare: Petter Reinholdtsen (
Datum: 2003-07-13 23:34:56


Peter Karlsson suggested I asked on this mailing list about references
and comments on the swedish locale.  I work with the locale content of
glibc, trying to keep track of change requests and make sure the
locales are as good as possible.  I have three issues I want to have
your opinion on:

 - swedish locale specification
 - clock format
 - correct sorting order for V v W w

swidish locale specification

I've found the following specification, which appear to be
authoritative for the swedish locale.  Is the content correct?  Is the
organisation behind it a well known organisation for such things in


clock format
A user of debian have requested a change in the swedish locale in
glibc (sv_SE), changing time values from '13.49' to '13:49'.  Are you
aware of this request?  Check out <URL:>
for the discussion and
for the patch.

correct sorting order for V v W w

What is the correct sorting order of the following lines when using
the sv_SE locale?


At the moment, it is sorted 'w v W v'.  Is this correct?  I was
expecting it to sort like 'w W v V' or 'v V w W', and was a bit
surprised to discover this.  Reading the specifications, it is a but
hard to know how this should be handled.

BTW: I'm not on this list, so please copy any comments to me.

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