Re: New Project: LIFELINES-3.0.12.pot

Författare: Karl Eichwalder (
Datum: 2002-05-12 15:49:31

Dear translators,

some translations (de, fr, and sv) are already in part available (you
are warned!); please check with the "external" translator whether he
wants to join the TP and submit update via the robot.  Here is the
maintainer's mail:

prapp <> writes:


> ** Important Note **
>   We already have a Swedish (.sv) translation, a partial German (.de)
> translation, and a French (.fr) translation underway -- what should
> I do to ensure there is no efforts for those three languages (because
> I'd had to see wasted effort) ? (The & are in the
> distribution, but the is not.)


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