New PO file for `sh-utils-1.12j'

From: Swedish GNU/LI List (
Date: 1996-10-10 06:13:30

     List:     Swedish GNU/LI List
     Sender:   François Pinard <>
     Subject:  New PO file for `sh-utils-1.12j'
     Date:     Thu, 10 Oct 1996 00:13:30 -0400

Hello, all members of the `' team.  The file:

is now available for consultation on the GNU central PO archives, in
the directory containing all other accepted Swedish translations.

In this file, 141 messages have been translated already, accounting
for 42% of the original text.  Still, 32 messages need to be
attended to.  Most probably, there is a translator already assigned to the
package `sh-utils' in your team.  Else, the team leader (if any) should
inform the translation coordinator of who will become responsible for it.

Please translate the remaining messages for the benefit of users
of the Swedish language.  Once the translation completed, send
the result to the address given below, using a `Subject:' like
`' or `GNU-sv PO sh-utils-1.12j'.

In the meantime, this PO file is submitted to the maintainer of the
package `sh-utils'.  Thanks!

				The GNU translation coordinator

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