Re: GNU-sv PO fileutils-3.12n

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Date: 1996-06-11 17:33:18

     List:     Swedish GNU/LI List
     Sender:   François Pinard <>
     Subject:  Re: GNU-sv PO fileutils-3.12n
     Date:     Tue, 11 Jun 1996 11:33:18 -0400

   > * You have two obsolete entries with no translation in your file.  It is
   > not really helpful to keep them in the file.  Unless they represent some
   > errors you want to bring to GNU attention?

   These were two entries from the file I started with, that contained
   only %-directives to printf.  I sent a mail to the developer (Jim
   Meyering) and told him about the mistake [...]

I remember now.  You did well.

   [...] and marked the entry in the po file as obsolete.  As I understand
   your letter, it is your recommendation to remove the entry completely
   in a case like this.  Right?

In my way of seeing things (which is not universal in GNU, should I say),
PO files really pertain to translation teams, who do whatever they want
with them.  The only requirement I want to enforce is that PO files should
not break the GNU distributions including them.  A uniform presentation
of PO files, for all teams, simplifies many things, and almost everybody
nicely collaborated so far.

My own feeling is that we should remove from a PO file those obsolete
entries standing absolutely no chance of ever becoming useful, later.
Of course, you may use obsolete entries for any purpose useful to you.

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