Nokia phone logotypes

Here are a few logotypes that can be used as operator logos on newer Nokia phones. They depict the logotype of Opera Software together with some nice slogans, both because I work at Opera, and because I like the browser. They can be transferred to a phone using, for instance, LogoManager for Windows.


Sample (PNG) Size Windows BMP LogoManager NLM
Fly the phone 5110/6110 (230 byte) (136 byte)
Fly the web 5110/6110 (230 byte) (136 byte)
Opera = speed 5110/6110 (230 byte) (136 byte)
Fly the web 6210/7110 (314 byte) (220 byte)

These logotypes are 2000 Peter Karlsson. The Opera Software logotype is Opera Software.

[Opera: Love at first site]

Not cool enough? Look at this one!

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