Peter Karlsson's place

Welcome to Peter Karlsson's home!

I have now moved out of my student apartment in Västerås, but I let this page remain as a historical document, and as a part of the Virtual Campus project.

[I used to live here]

Please do step inside!

[Welcome inside]

This is what it looks from the inside.

[Reverse angle]

These apartments are old barracks, and since the ceiling is so high up, small lofts were built were built in most apartments.

[Up, up, and away]

The ceiling is not very high up here, but at least you can stuff away the bed, so people won't see how bad you make it.

[Bed, sweet bed]

Since I'm lazy by nature, I want to be able to read my e-mails from bed. That's why there's a text terminal up here, connected via a ten metre null modem cable to my Linux machine. On the screen, you might recognize MdH's home page.

[Bed surfing]

It's when you look down from the loft that you really can tell what a methodical person I am.

[Very well-organized apartment]

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