Peter Karlsson's place

Welcome to Peter Karlsson's home!

Between January and October 2000, I lived in a small rented apartment which was located in the cellar of a bigger house. The apartment was located in Sk°yen in the south-western part of Oslo, the capital city of Norway.

[The apartment from the outside]

When you step inside, you will most often find me sitting in front of my computer; here at my desk my main PC and my Commodore C128D are situated.

[Me in front of the computer]

When I'm not in front of my computer, I often watch tv, either in the sofa or in the arm-chair. Or perhaps I am reading Fidonet mail on my other computer.

[The sofa corner]

Since the house is located up on a hill, I have a nice view of parts of Oslo. This is what it looks like in winter.

[A room with a view]

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