Peter Karlsson's place

Welcome to Peter Karlsson's home!

From October 2000 to March 2006 I rented a flat on Sarpsborggata, in the Bjølsen district in the northern part of Oslo, the capital city of Norway. The pictures below are from the weekend when I moved in, so it is a bit more messy than normal (although those who have actually visited me in real life might not agree with that statement).

[The kitchen]

Above you can see me sitting on a chair in the kitchen, and below you can see the kitchen from another angle (I'm still sitting in the same chair).

[The kitchen]

Opposite to the kitchen is the living room, where I have my PCs, my TV, my bookshelf and an extra bed. The owner left a sofa and a small coffee table, and on the picture below, you can see my father in the sofa, with an issue of The Phantom in his hands.

[My father in the sofa]

And here is the same room from a slightly different angle.

[Me in the living room]

Straight in from the corridor is the bedroom, where I have my bed, a desk and some old computers.


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