Your hull is badly damaged, and you have no weapons to speak of. As you limp slowly through treacherous iceberg-strewn waters, trying to reach your home harbour, you become aware that an enemy ship is tailing you. Strangely it can detect you but not the icebergs, so your best chance is to lure it into hitting one.

I will display a grid showing the position of your ship (Y), the enemy (Z), and the icebergs (*). You can move one space North, South, East or West each go, or stay at your present location. The enemy moved towards you by the most direct route (it can move diagonally too). If you move into any of the eight positions surrounding the enemy, you will be captured, and if you hit an iceberg, you will sink.

Can you escape?

with enemies

© 1998-2024 Peter Krefting. Based on the game “Isberg” (“Iceberg”) printed in the book “Stridsspel” (“Computer Battlegames”), © 1982 Usborne Publishing, Ltd., © 1983 Brombergs Bokförlag AB.
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