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Pictures of my Commodore C128DCR

I bought this unit second-hand, but I don't know who owned it before me, since I bought it through a third person. The internal drive didn't work perfectly, it sometimes had problems reading the back sides of disks, mostly on MFM disks. It broke down in the early 2000s and I never managed to get it repaired. It lived in my parent's basement for a while, but I sent it off to be recycled when my mother sold the house after my father died.

This unit had serial number DA4 199200 and was, like the rest of the stuff, manufactured in West Germany.

I had added JiffyDOS to it, which causes problems with the Swedish nationalization, since it didn't recognize the ASCII/CC key (it was interpreted as CAPS LOCK) correctly, nor the Swedish keyboard. I also added switches to change the device number of the internal drive, that's what the two switches that can be seen to the right on the front shot are for, the leftmost switch is the JiffyDOS one.

However, I had since removed the JiffyDOS ROM (for the computer part) since I equipped the machine with a SuperCPU. The SuperCPU adapter has its own JiffyDOS, which, fortunately, is compatible with the Swedish ROM, so I put that back. This does, however, mean that I did not get JiffyDOS when the SuperCPU is disabled.

Another thing that is modified is the power supply, since one the heat sinks broke. I have now connected those leads to the case, leading of the heat there instead.

The cool thing about the DCR version is that it has not just one, nor two, but three CPUs on the motherboard: one 8502 that controls 64 and 128 mode, one Z80B that runs CP/M, and one 6502 that controls the internal disk drive.

Please note all that the pictures, except for the SuperMMU one of course, are from before I installed the SuperMMU adapter.

The keyboard:
[C128D keyboard]

Front shot:
[C128D exterior: front]

Side shot (right side):
[C128D exterior: right side]

Exterior shot, back:
[C128D exterior: back]

Interior shot:
[C128D interior]

Close-up of the SuperMMU installation:
[C128D SuperMMU]

Close-up of the device selection modification:
[Device selection]

Close-up of the Swedish keys on the keyboard:
[Swedish keyboard]

All photos are copyright 1999,2002 Peter Krefting, and may not be used without my written permission.

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