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Birthday present from the Mozilla camp

Published: 2005-12-02 14:12:32

Apparently I got an extra birthday present this year, Firefox 1.5 was released on the 29th of last month. I haven't tested it yet, but according to reviews it is better than it's predecessors, but not as good as Opera, and both fixes old and introduces new problems.

I guess I should download it and give it a test drive, if only to see what the competition is up to these days. It seems Firefox is moving in the Opera direction, adding more of the features we have had for several years now. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so it seems that there at least are some Opera fans among the Firefox developers and users.

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I do want to read the linked "better than it's predecessors, but not as good as Opera" article, which I can't open.
As for 1.5 of Firefox, thier handling of cache is puzzling, in some degree, at least for me. That's my first impression of it.

And, I say "Happy birthday to you, Peter".

Seems the server with the article is overloaded, probably due to the coverage...

Happy birthday, Peter :cheers:

"Once Opera, Opera forever!"

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