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Changes in the ini file for Opera 9

Published: 2005-10-29 15:10:33

There are some minor changes done to the settings available in Opera 9. Some of them were done to clean up some things that were difficult to use, and some of them were done to make it easier to to implement the site-specific preferences, the string based API for settings and opera:config.

Colour settings
In previous versions, colour settings were stored in a preference section with separate keys for red, green and blue (expressed as decimal). They are now insted stored in a common section called [Colors], as regular HTML/CSS colour codes:
Font settings
Earlier, each font setting was stored in a section with separate keys for each parameter. They are now stored in a common section called [Fonts] as a comma-separated list. The values in the list are height,weight,italic,underline,overline,strikeout,facename, where the values for each parameter is as before:
Display of images
The two true/false toggles Load Figures and Show Figures that controlled the three-state image setting has been consolidated into one setting:
[User Prefs]
; 1=no images, 2=show cached images, 3=show all images
Show Images=1
Caching settings
Previous versions split the cache expiration settings into hours, days and minutes. These settings are now controlled by a single setting, which contains the value in seconds:
[Disk Cache]
; Default is 5 hours
Docs Expiration=18000
Figs Expiration=18000
Other Expiration=18000

I hope this helps.

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Did you extend WebForms to support such comma-separated values of types "color" and "font"?

No, we haven't done that yet for the preview. There are a couple of other things we would like to do first.

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