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Version 5 of the Unicode book on its way

Published: 2006-09-19 09:09:04

One of the things I work on in Opera is support for Unicode and various legacy character ecndoings. Having good litterature on the subject is imperative, and one of the major works of reference is “The Unicode Standard”, published by the Unicode consortium. This book contains all the finer details about the Unicode standard, including references to all the characters it defines.

The updated data files for Unicode version 5.0 was released earlier this year, but the book has not yet been published. Yesterday, pre-orders for version 5.0 of the book was published. If you want to know all there is to know about Unicode, this is a book I can recommend.

There are of course other good books on this and related subjects. I can recommend are “CJKV Information Processing”, which is the reference work on the processing of east-Asian text, although it could need an update, a lot has happened since 1999. Another good book is “Unicode demystified”, which tries to explain Unicode in a bit more verbose form than the standard does.

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