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Adapting to your language

Published: 2006-07-04 09:07:19

In addition to having an international installer, Opera 9 will adapt itself to the language as defined on your system (in the Control Panel on Windows, locale environment variables on Unix and System Preferences on MacOS). For instance, if your system is set to a Japanese setting, it will select Japanese as the preferred web page language, set up Japanese auto-detection for reading and select appropriate fonts.

Unfortunately, the web page language setting was slightly buggy in the 9.00 final release, a mistake we unfortunately didn't catch until too late. The problem has been fixed in the latest weekly release (under the heading “Hotmail localization fixed”).

The preferred web page language is not used everywhere, but its effect can be seen on the Opera desktop features page, on Google (although they also use other means of figuring out what language to use) and Debian.

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