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My three favourite features in Opera (9)

Published: 2006-06-20 09:06:13

Opera 9 is out today. The advertising campaign is focusing on what people like about it, so here is my top three: Wand — to store personal data. I type fast, but the computer can fill out my name even faster, all I have to do is to type the first letter, arrow down and press Enter UI customization — I got used to Opera back in version 2.12. To this day, my Opera user interface looks a lot like it did back then (except that it doesn't have horrible icons any longer). opera:config — Because I mostly wrote it myself :-) And the ones that didn't make it to the short list:

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Nice job :)

opera:config is really cool :) I was very surprised to hear about this nice idea few moths ago (the first time i heared about it)

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