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Apple is the new Microsoft, again

Published: 2008-10-29 20:10:11

Microsoft has been bashed several times for anti-competitive behaviour, by trying to tout their own products over those of their competitors. Now it seems that Apple, in their trying to copy Microsoft’s success, is doing the same.

Håvard writes that Apple is blocking Opera Mini for the Iphone from entering their Application Store, since it competes with Safari. Apparently Apple doesn’t like competing software, just like how they don’t like competing hardware.

Another reason not to buy an Iphone, I guess. Not that I was going to, anyway. I was considering the Xperia, but it seems not to be compatible with the Sony Ericsson accessories I have, and I don’t feel like buying yet another set of chargers, docking stations and headsets. So I am stuck with my trusty ol’ P990i, which does run the latest Opera Mini, even if the latest Opera Mobile beta doesn’t work on it. :(

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