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Paying respects

Published: 2006-03-17 15:03:36

Geir Iversøy, co-founder of Opera Software ASA, died from cancer last week. He was buried today at Grefsen kirke, and I was glad to have the opportunity to attend his funeral. When I started working at Opera six years ago, I had the office opposite to his. I knew he was one of the founders, but he still was “one of us”, he was always helpful and tolerant to a new-out-of-university employee like myself. We used to both come in early in the morning and in tandem fix the compile errors that were the result of late-night hackery, to ensure that the people that come in a bit later wouldn't see the same problems as we were seeing.

Thank you Geir for founding this great company, and may you rest in peace, wherever you are.

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Marco (Italy) writes:

No one really die on the Net. The memories will survive so thanks Geir ... thanks a lot to have given us the opportunity of play with this great piece software.

While just going through Opera settings it gave me really a shock to read about this man, Geir. From the beginning I used OPERA, because it is - not only for me! - the best browser. For a while I used Netscape, never Internet Explorer. Marco is right: no one really dies on the Net; and Geir had left us a wonderful inheritance!
The 20th of Dezember 2004 I got the message of having cancer as well; after the 'earthquake' I - finally - came to what I wished all my life: writing a novel! I am not a softwaredeveloper, but I would like to say: do not think too much, but LIVE!! You never know whether you are still there tomorrow! CREATE whatever you like, any positive thing! like this man, Geir.

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