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Scandinavian IT for sale

Published: 2008-01-28 13:01:36

Seems like it is January sale season on Scandinavian IT companies, first Microsoft buys Fast, the search engine company, then Sun acquires MySQL, makers of the famous open-source database engine, and today it is announced that Nokia is purchasing Trolltech, makers of the Qt toolkit. I wonder what will be next?

Edit: Speculations are running wild, looks at Opera.

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Hopefully, not Opera?

@Dennis Hawks,

I was about to say the same. But lets hope Opera and at least Funcom stay put.

- ØØ -

maybe ms will partner Opera, dump ie8 on windows 7 and use Opera instead :D

Since the company is public, it’s up to the share holders. I seriously doubt the major Opera share holders would sell out, though, but you never know.

Jon has said that he doesn't want to sell. I think the primary insiders still hold a blocking vote too. You can never rule out the possibility, but the management is apparently quite strongly opposed to selling, according to interviews in Norwegian newspapers.

Yeah but then again, both Fast and Trolltech said the same thing just a few months ago. I'll cross my fingers though for Opera as well as Funcom to prove it is possible to pull off anything but oil and fish in Norway. Sweden and Denmark have a few more to lose before reaching Norway’s current situation.

- ØØ -

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