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Opera for Iphone?

Published: 2008-01-11 14:01:06

According to an article in Swedish MacWorld, Opera is porting its web browser to the Iphone. Sure, the Iphone is hyped, but I still cannot understand why people want one. Why chose vendor lock-in with less features when you can get a proper phone for less money? Sure, it looks kind of nice, but there are other phones that look even better.

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The thing is reportedly very easy to use. It is one thing to offer a nice looking touch screen interface, and another thing to make it work flawlessly. Reminds me of the almost perfect interface on the SE P900 - I still have it, and I dread to move to a newer SE Symbian phone because everyone tells me they've screwed the interface.

Why not to make some money on i-addicted? (-:E
Hope it'd worth the costs for Opera Software.

As for iPhone... I'd prefer Greenphone or, even better, Neo1973. "Openness" is too valuable in our days (-:E

iPhone is quite open - when you say goodbye to AT&T, which is about a US$20 deal (when you know guys with sim-programmers and such :-)

There's already tons of native (not web) software for iPhone, and I will be pleased to see Opera among those on my iPhone, since Safari is very, very unpowerful.

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