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From: Göran Uddeborg (
Date: 2001-08-13 11:34:06

Skall vi skicka det här till något mer ställe kanske?

attached mail follows:

> It should go to comp.os.unix and to one or two gnu.* groups, too.  We
> shall encourage native speakers to forward this message to appropriate
> newsgroups mailinglist where native languages are spoken
> (e.g. de.comp.gnu or de.etc.sprache.misc -- I'm not familiar with other
> USENET hierarchies).

I have now posted the article to several .announcement groups (BSDs
and Linux), to comp.unix.misc, and to gnu.misc.discuss. If any of you
team leaders want to distribute it elsewhere, please go ahead. I'll
attach the final text below.


Subject: Translation Project seeks volunteers

The Translation Project (or TP for short) aims to get the maintainers
of free software packages, benevolent translators and users all
together, so that computers and systems gradually become able to speak
many languages [1].

Over the past few years, a large number of language teams [2] have
started to work on maintaining translations of the messages of many
different programs [3].

If you are interested in contributing to the translation project,
please contact your team, and have a look at [4].  If you find that
there is no team for your language yet, you may consider starting one

If you already contribute to some translation project, or if you are
merely interested in discussion translations of software messages and
documentation to your native language, you can still join the mailing
list of your team - we happily provide the forum for open discussions.

If you are the author of a free software package and are interested in
getting translations for your program's messages, you might consider
having us host your "textual domain" (i.e. the catalog of all your
program messages).

If you have any questions on the TP, don't hesitate to ask

We are looking forward to your contributions,

Karl Eichwalder
Martin v. Löwis
François Pinard

TP coordinators


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