Re: Regarding the swedish locale and sorting rules

Författare: Christian Rose (
Datum: 2003-07-15 13:07:41

mån 2003-07-14 klockan 23.37 skrev Göran Uddeborg:
> > correct sorting order for V v W w
> > ---------------------------------
> > 
> > What is the correct sorting order of the following lines when using
> > the sv_SE locale?
> > 
> >   V
> >   v
> >   W
> >   w
> Janne's and Christian's mails seem to suffer from too much
> cut-and-paste.  They both say that v is sorted before w, but then they
> both write it the other way around in quotes.
> Look to Christian's quote for a proper reply.  The key point here is
> that v and w are considered to be the same letter, just as I guess
> o-diaeresis and o are considered the same in English.  V only comes
> before w when there is no other difference between two strings.

Yes, sigh, sorry for my bad cut-and-pasted examples. The correct sorting
is of course "v w V W", since w is simply treated as a variant of v, but
v placed before w if no other difference is present. This is also how
the glibc on my system (2.3.2) sorts those individual characters when
using Swedish locale, so I assume this was already typoed in the
original report.


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