Regarding the swedish locale and sorting rules

Författare: Göran Uddeborg (
Datum: 2003-07-14 23:37:15

> Is the
> organisation behind it a well known organisation for such things in
> sweeden?
> <URL:,_1.0.html>

To expand a little on what already has been said, ITS is a well known
TECHNICAL Swedish standardisation organisation.  Language
standardisation is not their main focus.

The closest you come to an authorative organisation for
standardisation of the language as such is probably Svenska
språknämnden (  They are the ones who
have issued the book Svenska skrivregler mentioned elsewhere in this
thread.  Like Chrisitan, I would recommend to use them as the
reference for localisation issues.

> clock format
> ------------
> A user of debian have requested a change in the swedish locale in
> glibc (sv_SE), changing time values from '13.49' to '13:49'.  Are you
> aware of this request?  Check out <URL:>
> for the discussion and

I was not aware of it.  I'm sending a comment to the thread with the
objections to the change raised in this thread.

I'm a bit surprised by Jan Moren's claim that colon is getting more
common than dot format.  That is not my experience.  If you look at
any context outside the computer field, dot is more or less
universally used.  The fact that computer related contexts often use
colon instead is probably more often than not an effect of lack of

> correct sorting order for V v W w
> ---------------------------------
> What is the correct sorting order of the following lines when using
> the sv_SE locale?
>   V
>   v
>   W
>   w

Janne's and Christian's mails seem to suffer from too much
cut-and-paste.  They both say that v is sorted before w, but then they
both write it the other way around in quotes.

Look to Christian's quote for a proper reply.  The key point here is
that v and w are considered to be the same letter, just as I guess
o-diaeresis and o are considered the same in English.  V only comes
before w when there is no other difference between two strings.

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