Re: Regarding the swedish locale and sorting rules

Författare: Christian Rose (
Datum: 2003-07-14 13:36:13

mån 2003-07-14 klockan 12.06 skrev Janne:
> > So there's a direct conflict between these recommendations. My personal
> > opinion, and this is probably at least a part of why the current Swedish
> > glibc locale also uses the period format, is that since the locale is
> > there mainly for user presentation and formatting, the main compelling
> > reasons for using the colon format, data interchageability, are less
> > relevant. Also, in my perception, the period format, being used in
> > official time tables and the like, has more of an official value to it.
> From my experience (and I have mailed separately about it to Petter),
> the colon format is becoming more common than the dot format. The main
> exception is, as you say, in timetables, and in hand-written text. I
> also happen to feel that if there is a conflict between a format
> standard and codified language rules, we should go for the standard,
> thus, in time, changing the rules.
> On the whole, this is a pretty small issue, however; we could choose
> either format, and 99.9% of users would never notice it either way, as
> both notations are common and interchangeable.

Indeed. I would on the other hand prefer to keep the period format in
glibc for now, at least until the colon format gets more commonly used
in official uses.

> > > correct sorting order for V v W w
> > > ---------------------------------
> > > 
> > > What is the correct sorting order of the following lines when using
> > > the sv_SE locale?
> > > 
> > >   V
> > >   v
> > >   W
> > >   w
> > > 
> > > At the moment, it is sorted 'w v W v'.  Is this correct?  I was
> > > expecting it to sort like 'w W v V' or 'v V w W', and was a bit
> > > surprised to discover this.  Reading the specifications, it is a but
> > > hard to know how this should be handled.
> > 
> > The current glibc sorting is correct regarding this matter. It should
> > indeed be sorted "w v W v".
> Don't you mean "w v W V", or am I missing something?

Yes, obviously it should be "w v W V" above.

> Also, I learned that capitalized letters always sort before
> uncapitalized ones. As I mentioned separately, this rule I learned in
> grammar school quite a lot of years ago, so it may have changed.

The rule is that uncapitalized letters should be sorted before
capitalized ones, and I doubt that rule has changed during time. You can
read about this also in Svenska skrivregler.


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