Blue Wave and Compatible Products List

Latest update 2000-06-28.

This list only contains freeware/shareware (or similar), not retail software. It does not list tagline managers.

FREQ locations and Internet URLs given are for the main distribution site if such is known to me. Additions are welcome.

Many of the programs are available at and at (FREQ at 1:132/152). Many of the readers are available at which also maintains a list of QWK software.

A minus in the Y column indicates that there are known year 2000 issues with this product.

Offline mail readers

Name/Version           Filename(s)    Y Platform       Author(s)
====================== ============== = ============== =====================
Alice 2.4.4E           ALICE24F.CPT     Macintosh      Michael Keller
AmyBW 2.16             AmyBW216.lha     Amiga          Jos van Oijen
blueMail 0.01          ?                Linux/DOS/OS2  Ingo Brueckl
Blue Wave/DOS 2.30     BW23_DOS.ZIP   - DOS            George Hatchew
Blue Wave/386 2.30     BW23_386.ZIP   - DOS 32-bit     George Hatchew
Blue Wave/OS2 2.30     BW23_OS2.ZIP   - OS/2           George Hatchew
BWExplorer 1.0         BWX10.ZIP        Windows 95     Michele Di Maria
LHL 2.36 (English)     LHL236US.ZIP     DOS            Jean Gravel
         (French)      LHL236FR.ZIP
LHL Win 3.01 (French)  LHLW3001.*       Windows 3.x    Jean Gravel
MultiMail 0.37         mmail-0.37.tar.gz All (source)  William McBrine
  In addition to source code, executables for many Unix variants, BeOS,
  OS/2, MS-DOS and Win95/NT are available via the URL below.
Mountain Reader 1.5    MREAD15.ZIP      Windows        Anthony Watson
Mountain Reader II 2.9 MREAD29.ZIP  Atari ST/TT/Falcon Anthony Watson
Offline Orbit .82      OO082.*          Amiga          Janne Siren
PacketBoy 3.04         PB304.ZIP        Windows        Glen Neal
Q-Blue 2.4             Q-Blue24.lha     Amiga          Paul Kienitz
SemPoint 2.25          SP225UK.ZIP      Windows        Andrea Matta
Silver Xpress 4.5      ?                ?              Hector Santos
SkyReader/386 1.01a-6     DOS 32-bit     Timo Sirainen
         /2   1.01a-6     OS/2
         /W95 1.01a-6     Win32 (95/NT)
         /Linux 1.01a-6    Linux
Thor 2.6               thor26_main.lha  Amiga          Ultima Thule Software
Wave Rider 1.33        WR133A.ZIP       Windows 3.x    Doug & Sue Crocker
Wolverine 2.30         W230.*           DOS            Sedat Kapanoglu
wsOMR 1.20             WSOMR120.ZIP     DOS            Frank Wang

Offline mail doors

Name/Version           Filename(s)    Y BBS Software     Author(s)
====================== ============== = ================ ==================
Blue Wave/Max 3.11 DOS BW311MAX.ZIP     Maximus 2.x DOS  George Hatchew
Blue Wave/Max 3.11 OS2 BW311MX2.ZIP   - Maximus 2.x OS/2 George Hatchew
Blue Wave/Max 3.20     BW320MAX.ZIP   - Maximus 3.x      George Hatchew
Blue Wave/Opus 3.20    BW320_OP.ZIP     Opus 1.7x        George Hatchew
Blue Wave/PCB 4.01     BW401PCB.ZIP     PCBoard 15.2x    George Hatchew
Blue Wave/Pro 3.20     BW311PRO.ZIP     ProBoard 2.1x    George Hatchew
Blue Wave/QBBS 3.11    BW311QB.ZIP      QuickBBS 2.80    George Hatchew
Blue Wave/RA 3.20      BW320RA.ZIP    - RemoteAccess 2.x George Hatchew
Blue Wave/SBBS 3.11    BW311SB.ZIP      SuperBBS 1.16/17 George Hatchew
Blue Wave/TAG 3.11     BW311TAG.ZIP     T.A.G 2.7        George Hatchew
Blue Wave/TG 3.11      BW311TG.ZIP      Telegard 3.0     George Hatchew
Cam-Mail BLUE 1.00     CAM-B100.ZIP     PCBoard          Cam DeBuck
LHLBlue 2.5            LHLBLU25.ZIP     Searchlight      Jean Gravel
MacroWave 0.2          MWAVE02.ZIP      MacroBBS         Willie Daniel
MaxBlue 1.1            MaxBlue11.LHA  - MAXsBBS (Amiga)  Jos van Oijen
OLMS 2000              OLMS2000.ZIP     RemoteAccess     Pete Rocca
  WWW:  FREQ: 1:2401/305 "OLMS2000.ZIP"
PCBWave 1.10           PWAVE110.ZIP     PCBoard          Lars Hellsten
PTQWK 1.05             PTQWK105.ARJ     SuperBBS         Pasi Talliniemi
ReneWave 2.00          RWAVE200.ZIP     Renegade         Lars Hellsten
SF-Quick/BW 1.20       SFQWK120.ZIP     Spitfire         Bill Crowder
TGWave 1.12            TGWAV112.ZIP     Telegard         Lars Hellsten
TriWave 1.0            TWAVE100.ZIP     TriBBS 5.xx      Dan Siwko
"Wave"                 WAVE.ZIP         Maximus          Frank McCormick
  WWW:  FREQ: 1:167/119 "WAVE"
XenoBlue1.14           XenoBlue114.LHA  Xenolink (Amiga) Jos van Oijen
XQWK 2.8               XQWK28.LHA       Xenolink (Amiga) X-Team Developments

BBS software with built-in Blue Wave capabilities

Name/Version           Filename(s)      Platform       Author(s)
====================== ==============   ============== ====================
AdeptXBBS 1.11zb1  VAC ADF111Y.* (full) OS/2           Nitin Chandra
                       ADU111Z1.* (upg)
          2.80      WC ADF280.* (full)  OS/2           Mario Dulisse
                       ADU280.* (upg)
BBBS 3.42 How          BBBS_*           [*]            Kim Heino
Concord 0.01 Gamma-5   CON-005C.RAR     Install        Pasi Talliniemi
                       CONR005C.RAR     DOS
                       CONP005C.RAR     DOS 32-bit
                       CONO005C.RAR     OS/2
Daydream BBS 1.25      DayDreamBBS.lha  Amiga          Antti Hayrynen
Ezycom 1.20            EZY120-1.ARJ     DOS            Peter Davies
                       EZY120-2.ARJ     Win95 utils
LoraBBS 2.41 beta 3    LOD241B3.ZIP     DOS            Marco Maccaferri
                       LOS241B3.ZIP     OS/2
MBSE BBS               mbb0_33b.tgz     Linux          Michiel Broek
VBoard 3.20            VB*.zip          DOS,OS2,95/NT  Vesa Suonpaa
Zeus BBS 1.3           ZEUSDEMO005.LZX  AmigaOS        Zeus Developments
[*] OS/2, DOS, NT, Linux, HP-UX, IRIX, SCO, Solaris, SunOS/Motorola,
    SunOS/SPARC, Ultrix, UnixWare

PGP interfaces for the Blue Wave Offline Mail Reader

Name/Version           Filename(s)      Platf. PGP ver Author(s)
====================== ==============   ==== ========= ====================
BlueKey 2.10           BKEY210.ZIP      DOS       2.3x Yariv Habot
GOPGP 1.0              ?                DOS,OS/2     ? Stewart Honsberger
PGPBLUE 3.0            PGPBLU30.ZIP     DOS  2.3a 2.6- Carl Forester
                       PBLOS230.ZIP     OS/2
PGPLOAD 1.20           PGPLD12.ZIP      DOS            Robert Miller
PGPWave 1.23a          PGPW123A.ZIP     DOS  2.3a 2.6- John Stephenson
SIGCHK 1.10            SIGCHK11.ZIP     DOS            Yariv Habot

Year 2000 patches and fixes

Fix for                Filename(s)      Platform       Author(s)
====================== ==============   ============== ====================
Blue Wave QWK mode     BWRF063.ZIP      DOS            Dale Shipp
   FTP: FREQ: 1:396/45 ""
QuickBBS classic door  BWCFIX.ZIP       DOS            Leonard Erickson
QuickBBS goldbase door BWGFIX.ZIP       DOS            Leonard Erickson
Generic Hudson door    BWHFIX.ZIP       DOS            Leonard Erickson
   FREQ: 1:105/51 "" "" ""


Name/Version           Filename(s)      Platform       Author(s)
====================== ==============   ============== ====================
Altair 1.20            ALTR-120.ZIP     Win95/WinNT    Kevin Kuphal
   Mail tosser and scanner, supporting all popular message base formats;
   can create BW mail packets and process BW reply packets.
Alt-F1 Menu System     BW_MENUS.ZIP     DOS            Don Alt
   A number of utility batch files easily accessable from the Blue Wave
   reader via the Alt-Fx key combinations.
BlueQWK 1.70           BLUEQ170.ZIP     DOS            Geoffrey Sy
   Converts BW packets to QWK packets.
Blue Wave Developer's Kit BWDEV300.ZIP                 George Hatchew
   Complete documentation on the Blue Wave mail formats.
BW-Rep-H 1.00          BW-REP-H.ZIP     DOS            Will Baldwin
   Manages reply packets, allowing messages to be held and released on
   certain days; also provides "recurring messages" capabilities.
BWCOMB                 BWCOMB12a.ZIP    DOS            Ian Binnie
   Combines BW packets.
BW2QWK 2.2             BW2QWK22.ZIP     DOS            Ronald E. Raikes
   Converts BW packets to QWK packets.
Blue Wave Merge 3.3    BWM33-16.*       Windows 3.x    Michele Di Maria
                       BWM33-32.*       Win32 (95/NT)  Michele Di Maria
   Combines BW packets under Windows.
BWSave 1.3             BWS_13.ZIP       DOS            David Gersic
   Merges BW packets; combines messages from multiple BW packets into a
   single BW packet.
Indigo 0.01 (beta)     INDIGO01.RAR     DOS, OS/2      Peter Karlsson
   Allows using BW reader as a point mail system; eliminates need for BBS
   and mail door by combining essential functions into one package. Does
   not require the use of a tosser.
OMX 1.00               OMX100.ZIP       DOS            Martin Pollard
                       OMX100-2.ZIP     OS/2
   Allows using BW reader as a point mail system; eliminates need for BBS
   and mail door by combining essential functions into one package.
SIG ADDER 2.20         SIGADD22.ZIP     OS/2           Danny Paolera
   A signature program that allows up to ten signatures.  Can be used with
   version 2.12-below.
Surf/Blue 0.12 beta    SURF012B.RAR     DOS + OS/2     Peter Karlsson
   Converts Blue Wave mail packets to Fidonet PKT files, and PKT files to
   Blue Wave reply packets. Early beta version (and the last version, now
   released with sources under GPL).
QWacK 0.96             QWACK096.*       DOS            George Hatchew
   Converts QWK packets to Blue Wave packets, and Blue Waver reply
   packets to QWK reply packets.

This list is collected, updated and posted regularly by Peter Karlsson at 2:210/45.0. All questions and suggestions regarding this list ARE to be sent via netmail to this address (except for questions on where to find the programs, on which I normally can't help). Additions and corrections are welcomed. Since I have studies to think of, I will not always have time to look for new products, so I welcome all additions.

Tillbaka till FAQ-sidan
Peter Karlsson