Re: [util-linux] cal doesn't honor first_weekday value from locale

From: Gudmund Areskoug (
Date: 2001-11-29 18:38:43

Hi, wrote:
> > am I (and obviously a few more people) getting the wrong impression?
> Probably. I see quite a lot of nonsense. Even insults.
> Q: In Sweden one has to give -m to cal. Why not ask the locale?
> A: Because the locale does not distinguish countries today,
>    so asking the locale yields no information.

Sorry, in the translation industry, as well as in the software
industry that always order those things for translation, I suppose,
the most important and usual locale parameter is countries. That
other thing is called a language, it's not the same thing.

sv = the Swedish language,

SE = Sweden

It seems that taking this into consideration is the common standard
behaviour almost everywhere I've seen in Linux as well as in other
software environments.

How can all those apps distinguish countries, if "the locale"
doesn't? Perhaps you're talking about a different "the locale" than
those who seem to differ with your opinion? Which one are you
talking about exactly?


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