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From: Göran Uddeborg (gö
Date: 1999-06-20 20:23:59

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Hello, my friends.

This quick letter is to announce the beginnings of a Web site for the
Translation Project, which should be available as:

Use the menu on the left margin, click `National teams', and in the page you
will obtain, click on your own team.  That should give you some information as
obtained from the robot registry, as well as from the PO files themselves.

I hope this will help you checking more easily where the teams stand.
Of course, it might also help you spot any error, in which case I invite
you to report it.  You may also broadcast this announce to team members,
if you think it is worth doing.  I'll let you judge.

P.S. - Be kind with me, as I'm a bit new to this HTML game, it may took some
time before everything is stable and dependable, but I would like it soon!
One thing I am finding a bit difficult is to have the site portable between
machines having different locations for hierarchies, while keeping only
one set of sources.  Some pointers may look broken because of this problem.
(Well, some other pointers are broken for real :-).

François Pinard

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