Re: GNU-sv PO fileutils-3.12n

From: Swedish GNU/LI List (
Date: 1996-06-10 22:06:37

     List:     Swedish GNU/LI List
     Sender:   François Pinard <>
     Subject:  Re: GNU-sv PO fileutils-3.12n
     Date:     Mon, 10 Jun 1996 16:06:37 -0400

Hello, Göran.  I will soon upload your fileutils 3.12n work.  Let me take
this opportunity for a few notes:

* In the PO file header, the version was noted 3.12k.  It's better to update
it.  I modified it here, please take care of your master copy.

* I put the POT-Creation-Date before the PO-Revision-Date, as this new
canonical order has been decided recently.  You might help us at this if you
play with other files.

* You have two obsolete entries with no translation in your file.  It is
not really helpful to keep them in the file.  Unless they represent some
errors you want to bring to GNU attention?

				Thanks for your contribution!

François Pinard         ``Vivement GNU!''
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