Re: GNU-sv PO fileutils-3.12k

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Date: 1996-05-19 15:50:51

     List:     Swedish GNU/LI List
     Sender:   François Pinard <>
     Subject:  Re: GNU-sv PO fileutils-3.12k
     Date:     Sun, 19 May 1996 09:50:51 -0400

Hello, Göran.

   Since both of us in the Swedish translations team have managed to
   include "fuzzy" comments where they should not be, perhaps I should
   mention that the three places marked "fuzzy" in this translation are
   indeed intentional.  (They contain the term "super-user", to which we
   have not yet agreed on any good translation.)

Be sure it is rather unusual that I modify submitted PO files myself.
I just do it a little in these starting times, so all teams take good
habits at ensuring some minimal uniformity between format, while some of
us are still not familiar with GNU gettext tools, or the documentation is
still lacking a little.  In the long run, I far prefer that teams control
the quality of PO files themselves.

Would you be kind enough to resubmit, once the
three following errors corrected:

0 pinard@icule:~/nls/coord) LANG= msgfmt -v -o /dev/null
/home/pinard/nls/coord/ `msgid' and `msgstr' entry does not both end with '\n'
/home/pinard/nls/coord/ number of format specifications in `msgid' and `msgstr' does not match
/home/pinard/nls/coord/ number of format specifications in `msgid' and `msgstr' does not match
found 3 fatal errors

Thanks for your collaboration.  Keep happy all, as usual!

François Pinard         ``Vivement GNU!''
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