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Softwolves' vintage computer links

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Here are various links to resources related to older computers, mostly, but not only, Commodores.

All flags used on this page indicate the country in which the page is located (as far as I can tell), and is not in necessarily related to the language that the actual page is in, or, in some cases, the domain of the server.

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Various game related web pages.

Pond Software Ltd. [Norway]
A hobbyist game development team and non profit software publisher.
Adventure games by Scott Adams [USA]
The author of many famous adventure games in the early 1980s.
The SEUCK Vault [USA]
A collection of games made with Shoot'Em Up Construction Kit for Commodore 64 and Amiga.
Elite Home Page [UK]
Regarded by many as the best game ever. Read about it directly from one of the authors. Features downloads of many official (and unofficial) versions.
Arnold [USA]
Are you looking for a Commodore 64 game? This site has most of them.
World of M.U.L.E [Germany]
A site dedicated to the best four-player strategy game ever.
VIC20 software by Anders Persson [Sweden]
Quality home-made VIC-20 games (English and Swedish).

Files and software downloads

Commodore software available for download (see also gaming category above).

Commodore 8-bit file area [USA]
The definite repository for Commodore related files (old FUNET archive).


Various documentation for eight-bitters.

Project 64 [Netherlands]
Looking for Commodore 64 documentation? This site has most of them.
iDOC= - International Documentation Project for Commodore Eight-Bit Computers
iDOC= was started as a companion to Project 64 with non-Commodore 64 and non-English documentation.
Rich Cini's Documents Archive [Canada]
Several scanned eight-bit related documents
Commodore Knowledge Base [USA]
Search for technical articles on Commodore computers.
Items scanned from magazines [Sweden]
Scanned articles from old computer magazines.


Webpages concerning the computers themselves, not the programs that run on them.

The secret weapons of Commodore [USA]
Want to know about obscure Commodore hardware? Read all about it!
Commodore Projects [USA]
Need to build anything? Look here!
IEC-ATA [Norway]
A highly compatible hard drive controller for the Commodore IEC serial bus.


Emulators that let you run the software without owning the computer.

VICE - Versatile Commodore Emulator [USA]
The best Commodore emulator. This beast currently emulates various PETs, VIC-20, Commodore 64 and Commodore 128. Works under various Unixes, MS-DOS and MS Windows
Luxor ABC80 emulator [Sweden]
Emulator for the good ol' Swedish computer ABC80 from Luxor (now Nokia).
6502 compatible assembler and emulator in JavaScript.

News and publications

Online and offline publications regarding the eight-bitters.

Generation 64 – Commodore 64 gjorde mig till den jag är [Sweden]
Swedish-language book about the Commodore 64 and how it defined an entire generation of [Swedish] computer users.
Bitmap Books [UK]
Books about vintage computers and games, including an English translation of the above.
Freeze64 Magazine [UK]
The ultimate gaming cheat fanzine for your Commodore 64. First two issues published in 2016.
Svenska Hemdatornytt [Sweden]
Home page for the classic Swedish magazine printed between 1986 and 1994, with all issues available as free digital downloads.
C64 Portal [Slovakia]
Another Commodore news site.
Commodore Hacking [USA]
A great on-line magazine for the more technically interested people.
The Transactor Online Archive [Canada]
An online archive of The Transactor magazine.

Sound and music

Computers are known to emit strange sounds every now and then.

The definite guide to C64 remakes [Denmark]
A collection of re-mixes of Commodore game music in mp3 format.

Images, pictures and graphics

Images of and by computers.

3D Gallery [Germany]
Three-dimensional images of Commodore machines.
Commodore Gallery [USA]
Pages with pictures from a huge collection of Commodore computers.
Anders' Computer Museum [Sweden]
Pictures of cool Commodores.
The Obsolete Computer Museum [USA]
A lot of information about old computers.
Girls of '64 [Germany]
There was computer porn even before the birth of the web...


Links that don't fit anywhere.

8-Bit-Nirvana [Germany]
Alles über 8-Bit-Computer und Videospiele.
Denial [USA]
Web based forum for the VIC 20, and more.
Datasaab in memoriam [Sweden]
SAAB, the maker of aeroplanes and automobiles, was once Sweden's largest maker of computers.

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