gedit translations.

From: Chema Celorio (
Date: 2001-02-28 09:08:48

[You are getting this email because you are listed as a translator
inside one of the .po files of]

I am a bad bad maitainer and basically fucked up.

I branched gedit to gedit-stable because we where going to
do some unstable hacking back in september when GNOME was
"frozen" (yes, that's a long time) and we all thought that
the hacking will not be ready for GNOME 1.4. But since
GNOME 1.4 has been postponed over and over, the ustable
stuff got stable. 

now, what is the problem ?
well the problem is that all the translations of the
HEAD branch might be a little outdated since all the translation
action has been happening  on the "gedit-stable" branch.

I _NEED_ to do a release tonight if I want to get gedit
in 1.4, I will do as many releases as necesary before 
GNOME 1.4 to get the translations up to date. I will
not delete the "gedit-stable" branch because it might
help tranlators use that as the base for translation
of the HEAD branch. 

I fucked up because i didn't had the time to mail
or do anything about it before the release. For that
I want to say "Sorry".

I *really* apreciate all the work that you've done
on gedit and want to thank you for that.

Regarding on how bad shape we are, I estimate that
we have only added or changed 5 or 8 strings since
the november branch, so that is not soo bad.

If there is anything I can do to help or fix, let
me know.


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