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Författare: Priceline Airline Customer Service (request_at_production.priceline.com)
Datum: 2003-08-20 19:15:24

Dear priceline customer,

Your email has reached an automated mailbox, and email sent to this 
address does not reach our Customer Service team and will not receive a 
personal response. 

If you would like to communicate with priceline.com Customer Service, 
you can send us an email by visiting 

If your inquiry is regarding a specific priceline purchase or offer, 
please include
1. Your full name
3. Your priceline request number
2. Passenger's full name(s)
3. Email address(es) you entered when placing your request

Remember, we can best assist you if you provide detailed information 
regarding your inquiry. 

Thank you for your patience. 

The priceline.com Customer Service Team

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