[all-coord@li.org: Re: suggestion and questions]

From: Swedish GNU/LI List (sv_at_li.org)
Date: 1996-11-24 23:16:45

Det kom ett brev till koordinatorlistan, som bl.a. handlade om
huruvida man borde ha med en referens till <LL@li.org>, t.ex. i
utskriften från "--help".  Vad tycker ni, skall vi ha det som standard
för de svenska översättningarna?

attached mail follows:

     List:     GNU Coordinators List
     Sender:   pinard@progiciels-bpi.ca (François Pinard)
     Subject:  Re: suggestion and questions
     Date:     22 Nov 1996 19:50:43 -0500

Pawel Krawczyk <kravietz@pipeta.chemia.pk.edu.pl> writes:

| Wouldn't it be useful, if some or all of the translated programs have
| short note in the help text:
| "Report translation errors to <LL@li.org>"
| (in style of "Report bugs...").  There are still many messages for which
| really good translation is almost impossible without first seeing them
| 'in real life'.  Such an information would help people to report stupid
| sounding translations.

Yes, it would be quite useful.  This is my own opinion.  But I should be
honest enough to say that Richard Stallman disagrees with me on this.

Recently, GNU standards have been amended so --help output should
terminate with a short sentence telling where to report bugs.  Moreover,
I perceive translation teams are *free* to translate messages according
to the politics or habits they set for themselves.

If a team choose to translate the bug report address into two sentences
instead of one, the second being like what you suggest above, I will
just applaud to that decision.  However, as far as I'm representing GNU,
I may just not say that GNU wants this systematically.  Each team may
have to decide for itself on this.

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