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Date: 1995-08-05 10:35:09

     List:     Swedish GNU/LI List
     Sender:   Ulrich Drepper <>
     Subject:  gettext-0.9a
     Date:     Sat, 05 Aug 1995 10:35:09 +0200

Hi folks,

gettext-0.9 (actually gettext-0.9a.tar.gz) is now on
It is a bugfix release which hopefully can be compiled on all interesting
system.  This package is especially interesting for authors and maintainers
who want to internationalize their packages.  One step is native language
support in the messages the program prints.  GNU gettext provides the
needed library and tool support to enable the programmers to extend
their programs and maintain the message catalogs.

The library code itself will be used in many GNU packages.  So
installing this package and reporting possible problems will also help
to prevent errors in other packages.

But the package is also interesting for normal users because the
manual contained in this package provides general information about
internationalization of GNU packages.  Second the program `gettext'
included here will be necessary for fully internationalizing some GNU
packages (e.g. GNU sharutils).

Besides the library, GNU gettext contains programs to maintain message
catalogs and to produce the needed binary representation.  Among the
maintenance tools is the Emacs PO mode, written by François Pinard.
This mode helps translators to handle the translation files.

For further information, consult the `README' file.  The `NLS' file
gives information about the current state of the internationalization
effort inside the GNU project.  `INSTALL' contains the usual information
about installation.

In case you find a bug or have problems installing the package, send a
report to

The next release will be a feature release.  The amount of planned
changes is large so I don't know when it will be released.  I hope to
reduce the number of user-visible changes to a minimum but if you
intend to use GNU gettext in one of your own projects it is a good
idea to first get in touch with me.  I also could keep you more closly
informed about changes.

I want to thanks all those unselfish people helping me to develop
this software.  A list can be found in the `THANKS' file.  In case
I omitted somebody, I beg you not to believe it was intended.  Write
to me, so I may include you in future versions.

-- Uli
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