How to make Outlook Web Access suck less

Originally published in my blog 2007-10-02. Please note that the information is dated.
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My new job has, for some strange reason, bought e-mail services from TeleComputing, which means that the alternatives for reading e-mail is either to log in to a Windows Terminal Server and run Outlook (*puke*), or reading mail via Outlook Web Access (OWA). Since the remote desktop is locked down I cannot install Outlook-QuoteFix to get Outlook to quote text properly, and I have not been able to get the corresponding macros to work, either. Because of that I use the web interface, and utilise Opera’s user scripts to fix the quotes.

JavaScript isn’t my best language, but by taking some chances with some C++ constructs, borrowing from other scripts I have downloaded and from various tutorials on the ’net, I have written my own OWA-QuoteFix that tries to fix quotes when I reply to mail in the web interface. It is far from as advanced as the two Outlook-QuoteFix solution, but it does solve my immediate problem for now.

Now to try to convince someone in power to enable IMAP support in the Outlook server so that I can read my mail directly in Opera instead…