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US championship tournament 2017-2018

2017-12-26 to 2018-01-16

A tournament was set up for the US championship after Dolph Ziggler gave up the title.

First round matches:

  1. SmackDown 2017-12-26:
    Bobby Roode def. Baron Corbin
  2. Jinder Mahal [w/Singh Brothers] def. Tye Dillinger
  3. SmackDown 2018-01-02:
    Xavier Woods [w/Big E & Kofi Kingston] def. Aiden English [w/Rusev]
  4. SmackDown 2018-01-09:
    Mojo Rawley def. Zack Ryder

Semi-final matches:

  1. SmackDown 2018-01-16:
    Jinder Mahal [w/Singh Brothers] def. Xavier Woods [w/Big E & Kofi Kingston]
  2. Bobby Roode def. Mojo Rawley


Bobby Roode Bobby Roode Bobby RoodeBobby Roode
Baron Corbin
Zack Ryder Mojo Rawley
Mojo Rawley
Jinder Mahal Jinder MahalJinder Mahal
Tye Dillinger
Xavier Woods Xavier Woods
Aiden English

Royal Rumble 2018

2018-01-28, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. WWE championship, Handicap match:
    AJ Styles (ch) def. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn
    This was a 2-on-1 tag-team handicap match for the championship. Styles reverses a pop-up powerbomb and rolls up Owens to retain the championship.
  2. Smackdown tagteam championship, Two out of three falls:
    The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) def. Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin
    Jey pins Gable after a double super-kick for the first fall. Benjamin is pinned after a roll-up for the second fall, giving the Usos a 2-0 victory.
  3. The Men's Royal Rumble:
    Elim. Ent. #Ent. Name By
    1 3 4RhynoBaron Corbin (3)
    2 4 4Baron CorbinFinn Bálor (2)
    31111SheamusHeath Slater (5)
    4 511Heath SlaterBray Wyatt (8)
    51014Sami ZaynShinsuke Nakamura (14)
    61316Apollo CrewsCesaro (15)
    71217Xavier WoodsJinder Mahal (17)
    8 917Big EJinder Mahal (17)
    91518CesaroSeth Rollins (18)
    101718Jinder MahalKofi Kingston (16)
    111618Kofi KingstonAndrade "Cien" Almas (7)
    12 119RusevBray Wyatt (8) & Matt Hardy (19)
    13 819Bray WyattMatt Hardy (19)
    141919Matt HardyBray Wyatt (8)
    15 620EliasJohn Cena (20)
    162121The HurricaneJohn Cena (20)
    172223Aiden EnglishFinn Bálor (2)
    18 724Andrade "Cien" Almas (NXT ch)Randy Orton (24)
    192327Adam ColeRey Mysterio (27)
    202528Titus O'NeilRoman Reigns (28)
    212628The Miz (IC ch)Roman Reigns (28) & Seth Rollins (18)
    221828Seth Rollins (Raw tag ch)Roman Reigns (28)
    232930GoldustDolph Ziggler (30)
    243030Dolph ZigglerFinn Bálor (2)
    252430Randy OrtonRoman Reigns (28)
    262730Rey MysterioFinn Bálor (2)
    27 230Finn BálorJohn Cena (20)
    282030John CenaShinsuke Nakamura (14)
    292830Roman ReignsShinsuke Nakamura (14)
    14Shinsuke Nakamura

    Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura (14)
    Corbin attacked everyone on his way out, including the entering Heath Slater, who had problems entering the ring. He was eventually thrown in by Sheamus, who he immediately eliminated. Tye Dillinger was set to enter as number 10, but was attacked backstage by Owens and Zayn, Sami Zayn took his spot. Nakamura eliminates Reigns to win the royal Rumble and gets a title shot at WrestleMania 34, chosing to challenge WWE champion AJ Styles.

  4. Raw tagteam championship:
    The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) def. Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan (ch)
    After taking out Jordan, the match becomes a 2-on-1 match, with Cesaro eventually pinning Rollins to win the titles.
  5. Universal championshp, triple threat match:
    Brock Lesnar (ch) [w/Paul Heyman] def. Kane, Braun Strowman
    Lesnar pins Kane to retain the championship, after sending both him and Strowman through the announcers' tables.
  6. The Women's Royal Rumble:
    Elim. Ent. #Ent. Name By
    1 4 5Mandy RoseLita (5)
    2 7 7TaminaLita (5)
    3 5 7LitaBecky Lynch (2)
    4 6 8Kairi SaneDana Brooke (8)
    5 8 9Dana BrookeTorrie Wilson (9)
    6 910Torrie WilsonSonya Deville (10)
    7 312Sarah LoganMolly Holly (12)
    81014Sonya DevilleMichelle McCool (14)
    91114Liv MorganMichelle McCool (14)
    101214Molly HollyMichelle McCool (14)
    111314LanaMichelle McCool (14)
    121616Vickie GuerreroSasha Banks (1) & Becky Lynch (2) & Michelle McCool (14) & Ruby Riott (15)
    131419Michelle McCoolNatalya (18)
    14 220Becky LynchRuby Riott (15)
    152122JacquelineNia Jax (22)
    161922Kelly KellyNia Jax (22)
    171522Ruby RiottNia Jax (22)
    182023NaomiNia Jax (22)
    192424Beth PhoenixNatalya (18)
    202325Ember Moon (NXT ch)Asuka (25)
    211727CarmellaNikki Bella (27)
    222630Mickie JamesTrish Stratus (30)
    232230Nia JaxSasha Banks (1) & Natalya (18) & Asuka (25) & Nikki Bella (27) & Brie Bella (28) & Bayley (29) & Trish Stratus (29)
    242930BayleySasha Banks (1)
    251830NatalyaTrish Stratus (30)
    263030Trish StratusSasha Banks (1)
    27 130Sasha BanksNikki Bella (27) & Brie Bella (28)
    282830Brie BellaNikki Bella (27)
    292730Nikki BellaAsuka (25)

    Winner: Asuka (30)
    After eliminating her own sister, Nikki Bella almost eliminated Asuka, but after fighting on the ring apron for a while, Asuka eventually managed to push her down to the floor. After the mach, Ronda Rousey came in to the ring, also pointing towards the Wrestlemania sign.

Elimination Chamber 2018 (Raw)

2018-02-25, T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. Raw Women's championship, Elimination chamber match:
    Alexa Bliss (ch) def. Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Mickie James, Bayley, Sasha Banks
    Sonya Deville and Bayley start out, with her "Absolution" partner Mandy Rose entering third. They paired up, but Bayley holds out until Sasha Banks entered as fourth. Rose taps out to Banks' Bank statement and is eliminated. Mickie James enters fifth. James pins Deville after jumping down from the top of the pod, but is herself eliminated by Bayley after a belly-to-Bayley. Bliss enters last, but flees the pod trying to avoid Banks and Bayley. Banks turns on her friend Bayley, and after a frog splash, Bliss steals the roll-up to eliminate Bayley. Bliss eventually gets the pinfall on Banks to retain the championship.
  2. The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) (ch) def. Titus O'Neil & Apollo [w/Dana Brooke]
    Cesaro pins Apollo to retain the championships.
  3. Asuka def. Nia Jax
    Stipulation: If Jax wins the match, she is inserted in the Raw Women's championship match at WrestleMania. After receiving a beating from Jax, Asuka reverses Jax' attempt at a powerbomb, rolling up Jax for a pinfall. After the match, Jax continues attacking Asuka.
  4. "Woken" Matt Hardy def. Bray Wyatt
    Wyatt sets up Hardy for Sister Abigail, but Hardy reverses it, hits a DDT and gets a pinfall victory.
  5. Universal championship #1 contender, Elimination chamber match:
    Roman Reigns def. The Miz (IC champion), Elias, John Cena, Finn Bálor, Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman
    The Miz, Rollins and Bálor start the match. John Cena enters as number four, Roman Reigns as number five. Number six is Strowman. He first eliminates The Miz. Elias enters last, and is also eliminated by Strowman, followed by John Cena, Finn Bálor and Seth Rollins. Reigns eventually spears Strowman and gets a pinfall victory.

Fastlane (SmackDown)

2018-03-11, Nationwide Arena, Colombus, Ohio, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. Shinsuke Nakamaura def. Rusev [w/Aiden English]
    Pinfall after the kinshasa.
  2. US championship:
    Randy Orton def. Bobby Roode (ch)
    Orton pins Roode after an RKO, to win the championship.
  3. Carmella & Natalya def. Naomi & Becky Lynch
    Carmella pins Lynch after a superkick.
  4. Smackdown tagteam championship:
    The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) (ch) vs. New Day (Kofi Kingson & Xavier Woods) [w/Big E] (no contest)
    The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) comes out after a while when everyone is out, attacking both teams.
  5. Smackdown Women's championship:
    Charlotte Flair (ch) def. Ruby Riott
    Riott taps out to the Figure Eight.
  6. WWE championship, Six-pack challenge:
    AJ Styles (ch) def. Kevin Owens, John Cena, Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler
    Styles pins Owens after the Styles clash, after Shane McMahon had interfered repeatedly, blocking pins.

Cruiserweight championship tournament 2018

2018-01-30 to 2018-04-08

A tournament was set up for the Cruiserweight championship after Enzo Amore was stripped of the title when being released from his WWE contract, with the finals scheduled for WrestleMania XXXIV.

First round matches:

  1. 205Live 2018-01-30: Cedric Alexander def. Gran Metalik
  2. TJP def. Tyler Bate
  3. 205Live 2018-02-06: Kalisto def. Lince Dorado
  4. Roderick Strong def. Hideo Itami
  5. 205Live 2018-02-13: Mark Andrews def. Akira Tozawa
  6. Drew Gulak def. Tony Nese (subm.)
  7. 205Live 2018-02-20: Buddy Murphy def. Ariya Daivari
  8. Mustafa Ali def. Gentleman Jack Gallagher

Quarter final matches:

  1. 205Live 2018-02-27: Cedric Alexander def. TJP
  2. Roderick Strong def. Kalisto
  3. 205Live 2018-03-06: Drew Gulak def. Mark Andrews
  4. Mustafa Ali def. Buddy Murphy

Semi final matches:

  1. 205Live 2018-03-13: Cedric Alexander def. Roderick Strong
  2. 206Live 2018-03-20: Mustafa Ali def. Drew Gulak
Cedric AlexanderCedric AlexanderCedric AlexanderCedric AlexanderFinals at WrestleMania XXXIV
Gran Metalik
Tyler Bate
Roderick Strong Roderick Strong Roderick Strong
Hideo Itami
Kalisto Kalisto
Lince Dorado
Mustafa Ali Mustafa Ali Mustafa Ali Mustafa Ali
Gentleman Jack Gallagher
Buddy Murphy Buddy Murphy
Ariya Daivari
Drew Gulak Drew Gulak Drew Gulak
Tony Nese
Akira Tozawa Mark Andrews
Mark Andrews

WrestleMania XXXIV

2018-04-08, Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. Intercontinental championship, triple threat:
    Seth Rollins def. The Miz (ch), Finn Bálor
    Rollins pins Miz after the curb stomp.
  2. Smackdown Women's championship:
    Charlotte Flair (ch) def. Asuka (subm.)
    Flair breaks Asuka's undefeated streak when she makes her tap out to the figure eight.
  3. US championship, fatal 4-way:
    Jinder Mahal [w/Sunil Singh] def. Randy Orton (ch), Bobby Roode, Rusev
    Mahal pins Rusev after the coloss.
  4. Mixed tagteam match:
    Kurt Angle &: Rowdy Ronda Rousey def. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon (subm.)
    Triple H tries to take out Angle not allowing him to tag. Rousey has Stephanie down for a pin when Triple H drags the referee out of the ring. Eventually, Stephanie taps out of Rousey's arm bar.
  5. Smackdown tagteam championship, triple threat:
    Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) def. The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E) [w/Xavier Woods], The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) (ch)
    Harper pins Kingston after powerbomb from top rope.
  6. Undertaker def. John Cena
    Cena was in the audience since Undertaker hadn't answered his challenge. When told he did, Elias instead enters. As Cena is leaving, Undertaker appears. Undertaker pins Cena after a tombstone.
  7. Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan def. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (subm.)
    Stipulation: If Owens and Zayn won, they would be rehired. Owens and Zayn starts taking out Bryan, making it 2-on-1, but Bryan makes a comeback as Owens tries to pin McMahon after a frog splash. Bryan locks Zayn in a facelock and Zayn taps out.
  8. Raw Women's championship:
    Nia Jax def. Alexa Bliss (ch) [w/Mickie James]
    Jax starts by taking out James, and then continues by steamrolling over Bliss. Jax pins Bliss after a Samoan drop from the second rope.
  9. WWE championship:
    AJ Styles (ch) def. Shinsuke Nakamura
    Styles retains by pinfall after the Styles clash. Nakamura attacks Styles after the match.
  10. Raw tagteam championship:
    Braun Strowman & Mystery partner def. The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro)
    Strowman had not revealed his partner, but wanted to pick a member of the audience. Ten year old Nicholas joined him, becoming champion when Strowman singlehandedly won the match by pinning Cesaro.
  11. Universal championship:
    Brock Lesnar (ch) [w/Paul Heyman] def. Roman Reigns
    Lesnar suplexes Reigns multiple times, but he kicks out of pins. Reigns spears Lesnar over the announce tables. Lesnar pins Reigns after an F-5 to retain.

Greatest Royal Rumble

2018-04-27, King Abdullah International Stadium, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. John Cena def. Triple H
    Cena pins Triple H after two consecutive AAs.
  2. Cruiserweight championship:
    Cedric Alexander (ch) def. Kalisto
    Alexander pins Kalisto after countering the salida del sol into a lumbar check.
  3. Raw tagteam championship:
    Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy def. The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro)
    This match was for the vacated title. Hardy pins Sheamus after an elevated Twist of fate.
  4. US championship:
    Jeff Hardy (ch) def. Jinder Mahal [w/Sunil Singh]
    Hardy pins Mahal after the swanton bomb.
  5. Smackdown tagteam championship:
    Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) (ch) def. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey)
    Rowan pins Jimmy to retain.
  6. Intercontinental championship, Ladder match:
    Seth Rollins (ch) def. Finn Bálor, Samoa Joe, The Miz
    Rollins beats Finn Bálor to the top of the ladder, to grab and retain his championship.
  7. WWE championship:
    AJ Styles (ch) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (2xCO)
    The match ends in a double count-out when the match turns into a brawl outside the ring.
  8. Casket match:
    Undertaker def. Rusev [w/Aiden English]
    Undertaker puts Rusev into the casket, but English stops him from closing it. The second time this happens, Undertaker takes down English, putting them both into the casket.
  9. Universal championship, Steel cage match:
    Brock Lesnar [w/Paul Heyman] (ch) def. Roman Reigns
    Lesnar retains the championship when he lands first after being speared through the cage wall onto the floor.
  10. 50-man Royal Rumble match:
    Elim. Ent. #Ent. Name By
    1 3 3Sin CaraDolph Ziggler (2)
    2 4 5Curtis AxelMark Henry (5)
    3 6 6Mike KanellisMark Henry (5)
    4 7 7Hiroki SumiMark Henry (5)
    5 5 7Mark HenryDolph Ziggler (2) & Daniel Bryan (1)
    6 8 8ViktorDaniel Bryan (1)
    71112Dash WilderHornswoggle (12) & Tony Nese (10)
    81212HornswoggleTony Nese (10)
    91014Tony NeseKofi Kingston (9) & Xavier Woods (14)
    101516Bo DallasKurt Angle (16)
    111316Primo ColónKurt Angle (16)
    12 216Dolph ZigglerKurt Angle (16)
    131920KonnorElias (20)
    141420Xavier WoodsElias (20)
    15 920Kofi KingstonElias (20)
    161621Kurt AngleElias (20)
    172324Drew GulakTucker Knight (24)
    181825GoldustLuke Gallows (21)
    191724Scott Dawsonhimself
    202128Luke GallowsRey Mysterio (28)
    212629FandangoMojo Rawley (29)
    223030Tyler BreezeMojo Rawley (29)
    232431Tucker KnightBig E (31)
    242733Chad GableApollo Crews (33)
    252234RhynoRoderick Strong (34)
    263235Karl AndersonRandy Orton (35)
    272935Mojo RawleyRandy Orton (35)
    283335Apollo CrewsRandy Orton (35)
    292538Bobby RoodeBaron Corbin (42)
    303438Roderick StrongBaron Corbin (42)
    313741BabatundeBraun Strowman (41)
    324041Dan MathaBraun Strowman (41)
    333141Big EBraun Strowman (41)
    343641Heath SlaterBraun Strowman (41)
    353942Titus O'NeilBraun Strowman (41)
    364242Tye DillingerBraun Strowman (41)
    372842Rey MysterioBaron Corbin (42)
    383842Baron CorbinRandy Orton (35)
    393542Randy OrtonElias (20)
    402044EliasBobby Lashley (44)
    414343Curt HawkinsBraun Strowman (41)
    424545The Great KhaliBraun Strowman (41) & Bobby Lashley (44)
    434850Shelton BenjaminChris Jericho (50)
    444750Shane McMahonBraun Strowman (41)
    454450Bobby LashleyBraun Strowman (41)
    465050Chris JerichoBraun Strowman (41)
    474650Kevin OwensBraun Strowman (41)
    48 150Daniel BryanBig Cass (49)
    494950Big CassBraun Strowman (41)
    41Braun Strowman

    Winner: Braun Strowman (41)
    After lasting over 70 minutes, Daniel Bryan is eliminated third last by Big Cass. Strowman is awarded a trophy and a Greatest Royal Rumble championship title.

Backlash 2018

2018-05-06, Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. Intercontinental championship:
    Seth Rollins (ch) def. The Miz
    Pinfall after the curb stomp.
  2. Raw Women's championship:
    Nia Jax (ch) def. Alexa Bliss
    Jax pins Bliss after a Samoan drop.
  3. US championship:
    Jeff Hardy (ch) def. Randy Orton
    Hardy pins orton after a Swanton bomb.
  4. Daniel Bryan def. Big Cass
    Cass taps out to the Yes lock. Cass attacks Bryan after the match.
  5. Smackdown Women's championship:
    Carmella (ch) def. Charlotte Flair
    Flair misses a moonsault, allowing Carmella to land a kick and get a pinfall victory.
  6. WWE championship, No disqualification:
    AJ Styles (ch) (2xKO) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (2xKO)
    The match ends in a double knock-out when both main fail to answer the 10-count after double low blows.
  7. Braun Strowman & Bobby Lashley def. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens
    Lashley pins Owens after a powerbomb.
  8. Samoa Joe def. Roman Reigns
    Joe sends Reigns through the Spanish announce table before the match officially starts. Joe wins by pinfall.

United Kingdom Championship tournament

2018-06-18 and 2018-06-19, Royal Albert Hall, London, England

First round matches:

  1. NXT Arena (Florida, USA, 2018-05-10):
    Jack Gallagher def. Drew Gulak (watch on Youtube)
  2. Download Festival (Derby, England, 2018-06-08):
    Ashton Smith def. Joseph Conners (watch on Youtube)
  3. Flash Morgan Webster def. James Drake (watch on Youtube)
  4. Zack Gibson def. Amir Jordan
  5. Travis Banks def. Ligero
  6. Download Festival (Derby, England, 2018-06-09):
    Jordan Devlin def. Tyson T-Bone
  7. Dave Mastiff def. Kenny Williams
  8. Joe Coffery def. Tucker

First day matches (2018-06-18):

  1. Second round matches:
    Zack Gibson vs. Jack Gallagher
  2. Flash Morgan Webster vs. Jordan Devlin
  3. Joe Coffery vs. Dave Mastiff
  4. Travis Banks vs. Ashton Smith
  5. Semi-final matches:
    Gibson/Gallagher vs. Webster/Devlin
  6. Coffery/Mastiff vs. Banks/Smith
  7. Final:
    Gibson/Gallagher/Webster/Devlin vs. Coffery/Mastiff/Banks/Smith
    Winner goes on to face UK champions Pete Dunne on the second day.

Matches on the second day (2018-06-19):

  1. WWE UK championship:
    Pete Dunne (UK champion) vs. Tournament Winner
Zack Gibson Zack Gibson
Faces UK champion
Amir Jordan
Drew Gulak Jack Gallagher
Jack Gallagher
Flash Morgan WebsterFlash Morgan Webster
James Drake
Tyson T-Bone Jordan Devlin
Jordan Devlin
Tucker Joe Coffery
Joe Coffery
Dave Mastiff Dave Mastiff
Kenny Williams
Ligero Travis Banks
Travis Banks
Ashton Smith Ashton Smith
Joseph Conners
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