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Peter's World Wide Links

A small collection of places to go.

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This page contains a list of interesting links, sorted by category. Some of these links may be outdated, I do not check the links that often. All flags used on this page indicate the country in which the page is located (as far as I can tell), and is not in necessarily related to the language that the actual page is in, or, in some cases, the domain of the server. For example, this page is located in Sweden, being edited remotely from Norway, and is written in English.

See also people I know and eight-bit computer links.

Last time all links were checked: 2009-01-27


Links to miscalleneous media sites of interest.


TV series


Movies and actors


Where to find stuff for your computer.

PDAs and smartphones



Computer Clubs

Fun stuff

And now for something completely different...

Sound and music

Candy for your ears.


Those that can't be placed anywhere else...

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