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What is iso2dos?

iso2dos is a small utility program I wrote when I lacked a program to quickly and easily convert some iso 8859-1 documents to the pc8 character set (codepage 437). It also handles conversion in the opposite direction, and will translate any method of terminating lines (cr, crlf or lf) into the local convention (which is crlf for DOS).


This program is freeware. This means that you have the right to freely use and distribute this program, and you do not have to pay any money for it. However, the copyrights are retained by the original author, and you are not allowed to distribute any modified versions of it (of course you are allowed to modify the program for your own use, and if you do such modifications that other might benefit from, please contact the author for possible inclusion in future versions).

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You can download the current version here. The file is 26942 bytes, and is a RAR compressed archive. It contains the full source code, as well as a binary version compiled for MS-DOS. The program is known to compile without modifications under OS/2 and Linux. This version was released 1997-03-20.

Precompiled non-DOS binaries

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