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Everything you have ever heard of Japan is true

Published: 2007-03-23 15:03:27

A colleague who spent three months working from our Japanese office told me on his return that “everything you have ever heard of Japan is true”. I have only been there briefly, but from what I have seen, I do have to agree, not only because ZDNet Japan just published a report on what we eat for lunch, there are so many other things that make Japan into such a wonderful country… :)

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My husband is half blood from Norway, He has been worked in Japan in 5 years. He loves Japan very much. Yokohama is known wonderful place where he stayed and worked.
Yes. Japan is wonderful island that I want to visit once

Yes, the Japanese stereo type is almost right. Here are Samurai, Ninja and Geisya walking down the street. We are drinking blood of snake in every morning, and sleeping in a Futon every night. Welcome to the Tokyo office :-)

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