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How make the best weather site in Norway

Published: 2009-10-12 10:10:03

Swedish Techworld magazine is running an in-depth article on how the Norwegian weather site works (Swedish only, unfortunately, but you could try Google Translate).

There are a couple of interesting facts presented that at least I did not know of before, like how meteorological data is available for free for anyone who wants it, and in a standardized format, circulated by the UN's WMO (World Meteorological Organization).

But even with all these data and models, the prognosis for yesterday claimed there would be no rain here in Oslo, while it in reality came pouring down. Better luck next time, I guess.

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I guess it's because of all those butterflies flapping around the equator.

I wish there was a site to check how reliable are all those weather sites' predictions.

Som svensk tar det emot att säga att väderrapporteringen är bättre från Norge!

Men det jag vill uppmärksamma är att släpper väderdata till alla programvaru-utvecklare i världen och därför har det börjat komma en massa applikationer.


En grafisk app. som jag tycker om är:

My first impression was that this was a norwegian blog:
Ok, I translate my message: seems to be better then the swedish corresponding site.

But, I would like to inform is that supports the whole world with free weather data. So, software developers over the whole world are creating weather applications using weather data from Norway.


A grafic app. that I like:

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