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Web-duh-signers can’t count beyond nine

Published: 2009-05-29 18:05:32

The last alpha of Opera version 10 announces itself as version 9.80. Why? Because sites that employ browser sniffing have taken an easy way out. They just look at a single digit in the version number. So Opera 10 becomes Opera 1. And one is a low number, and obviously an old version that is unsupported. Sigh. Do web-duh-signers never learn?

This reminds me of mal-detecion on behalf of the US postal service some years ago. It only tried to parse the UA string, but only understood versions that did not directly identify as Opera, where the Opera version was represented by a string on the form "Opera x.xx", and when Opera introduced a way to directly identify as Opera using "Opera/x.xx" it got very, very confused. Funny, in a sad way.

Speaking of counting at Opera, I am now up to two. As in number of times employed by Opera Software. After Tandberg Data went belly-up last month, I am re-joining all my great ex-colleagues at Opera Software, starting next week.

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Welcome back, Peter!
World crysis? Uh?

Didn't flash player 10 have the same issue?

@Dennis_Hawks: Thanks!

@Chas4: Wouldn't surprise me. There are a lot of duh-signers taking short-cuts out there, unfortunately.

Welcome back :)

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