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Firefox gets “Opera Link” plug-in

Published: 2009-03-31 15:03:55

Mozilla labs yesterday released Weave Sync, a prototype of a system very similar to Opera Link, which has been included in Opera and Opera Mini for a while.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and Mozilla has been known to take the best of the rest and make it their own.

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But I bet, unlike Opera Link, it wont tell me that "synchronization failed" like opera has done now for at least the last two weeks.

I really depend on opera link to sync my notes and bookmarks at home that i need for when i get in to the office, it is very annoying that it is not working for me now.

Originally posted by KeMiSa:

But I bet, unlike Opera Link, it wont tell me that "synchronization failed" like opera has done now for at least the last two weeks.

Works for me. But I bet that like Opera Link, Weave will have some people with problems. But just because some people are having problems doesn't mean that everyone does. It could be your own fault (router config, content blocking, etc.).

No changes were made to the devices or configuration of said devices that i use to access the web..

Opera link is now working again, with no action on my part

It seems a bit unstable at times. I get the “synchronisation failed” message every now and then myself as well, but most of the time it clears up soon.

Sigh Opera link has been out again for the past week
i am going to abandon it
and go see if weave is more reliable..

@KeMiSa: huh? I didn't have a single problem last week. Has it been out for you all week? If so, I'd rather check my ISP as that's clearly a more likely source of your problem!

It was out for a month and a half on two PCs i use, the temporary function was on a laptop.

Knew it wasnt ISP, new laptop synched ok on the same connection thru the same router.

Any how I seemd to have "fixed" it.

Just 30 minutes ago I went into the opera profile directory and deleted:

'link_queue_myopera.dat' &

nb. exit opera before doing this

And now it is synching beautifully again.

KeMiSa - Thanks! I've had the problem on my PC (but not my laptop) for weeks. Your suggestion worked immediately. I'm no techie, but am wondering why the delation of those particular files did the trick.

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