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Google Chrome browser going live today

Published: 2008-09-02 09:09:14

Google is releasing Google Chrome, its own WebKit-based browser later today. While claiming to trying to start out fresh, they are borrowing heavily from Opera and other browsers. From Opera comes the tab bar that is outside the URL bar (I have not understood why you ever would want to have it the other way, and apparently neither has Google), a variant on the Speed Dial and the full-text search address bar. From IE 8 comes the process separation of tabs, from others come other ideas, and they seem to have come up with a few concoctions themselves.

I am looking forward to trying it out. Who knows, it might just perhaps be as good as they say. The Konqueror engine, also known under Appleā€™s name WebKit, is not that bad, and Safari has had success using it, so who knows. It might just work.

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Neat! Going to try it ASAP!
Maybe this news will make Google services more opera-friendly

I wonder what's the impact on Opera Desktop.
Well, of course we all know that as long as they use Standards, we're fine. But, I don't trust Google. I bet they will somehow find a way to introduce their own standards.

Well, that was a disappointment. I guess they're still in early alphas, but the version was devoid of most configuration options. A plus for releasing localized versions immediately, even if the Swedish translation didn't look very professional.

yeah and now we know all the user agreements to use this browser...

i - personally - can't understand why many pople (laso in my neighborhood) only use the pc and don't know what they do --> they klick on the link and it does --> no matter how good it does

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