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No revolutionary changes in the world of mobile browsing this week

Published: 2006-05-05 08:05:35

This week, Opera Software has released two interesting updates to its product portfolio. First out was Opera Mini 2.0 (read more in Eskil’s blog). Unfortunately, I still have a phone that only does the MIDP 1 flavour of Java, which means that I can only use the “lo-fi” version, and that version doesn’t really have many big changes in it (and it still shows all the pages with a Courier font, which is very annoying). Still, it’s probably worth an update

The other update was Opera 8.60 for Symbian series 60 (read more in Gerður’s blog). I have Opera installed on my phone already, but since my MIDP 1 phone is a Sony Ericsson P800, which is running Symbian UIQ, it cannot use a version for Symbian series 60. So I’m stuck with version 6.31, which is starting to feel a bit outdated, but however does work fine for looking up bus times, which is what I mainly use it for (and directory lookups).

So, for me, there are no revolutionary changes in the world of mobile browsing this week. I am, however, planning to buy a P990, which will come with version 8 of the Opera browser and which does support MIDP 2 to run the “hi-fi” version of Opera Mini. I only hope it will be out soon, it has already been delayed from the initial March release date they first promised…

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Sorry if the question is dumb but ... isn't mobile browsing very, very expensive? I can imagine it's not that of a problem in the US but in Europe ... ? I know 4 years ago you'd have to pay ~3€/min.

With GPRS, you no longer pay by the minute, but rather you pay by the kilobytes transferred. That at least means that you don't have to pay while you're reading the web pages. But, yes, mobile browsing tend to be expensive if you download big pages or big images. That is why I try to restrict myself to simple pages, and to turn images off. Also, Opera Mini compresses the data before transferring it.

Oh yes, I forgott that. I have known Opera Mini does that, but I thought it's just because the page gets loaded faster and that way you don't have to pay that much.

Silly me :P

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