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Opera 9.51

Published: 2008-07-09 12:07:50

Apparently Opera 9.51 happened while I was away on honeymoon last week. A friend of mine claims 9.50 is extremly crash-prone (and 9.51 just slightly less so), but I haven’t seen these problems myself, all my 9.50/9.51 installations have been very stable.

Also included in the 9.51 version is an updated language file, which means that the embarrasing incorrect string that crept in to my Swedish translation for the hot-click menu is now gone, while there still is an untranslated one in the Save Session dialogue. Hopefully that can be corrected for the next minor release.

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Well overall, Opera 9.5 has been a lot more stable than 9.2x as far as crashes go.

I get frequent crashes on the following page, though (after playing like 3min):

It's pure javascript though, no plugins involved. I was too lazy to file a bug report. Maybe I should file one. It freezes my whole computer and the only thing I can do is pull the plug.

edit: filed as bug-346910

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