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Opera for PCs now for free

Published: 2005-09-20 09:09:30

So, the offer didn't stop with one day of giving away free registration codes, today’s release of Opera 8.50 for Windows, Mac and Linux goes further: It removes the ad banner altogether and is freeware.

That's right, no ads, no fee. It’s still not free in the “free software“ or “free as in speech“ sense, but at least it is free in the “free as in beer“ sense. And, as I noted, somewhat cryptically, in my previous post, Opera 8.50 is available in Swedish at launch-time for both Windows and Mac. Unix language file will be made available, both unofficially and officially.

We at Opera Software are very excited at being able to present you with this version for free. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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So, er, how do you make a living now?

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