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Targeted mobile subscriptions

Published: 2008-05-28 10:05:25

I guess it was just waiting to happen. After seeing ads all around town for mobile phone and calling cards targetted towards immigrants from various countries such as Pakistan and Poland, Tele2 is now targetting Swedes. You do not have to have had an income in Norway, nor even a Norwegian personal number, just a job contract and a Swedish personal number.

Not bad. And I really do like their idea of having the same prices in Sweden and Norway. I would probably have had a Tele2 subscription by now if they hadn’t originally said that the deal for Swedish calls was time-limited (it was supposed to end by December 2006 originally, I believe). Plus that they have a minimum monthly charge, something my current operator, OneCall does not (and I have as of yet not been invoiced, and I have had the subscription since Easter).

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Do you not use your phone to get online at all? You have to pay for every Mb with them don't you?

- ØØ -

My mobile browsing is usually restricted to looking up bus times. Sometimes I do more, but then I try to find a free hotspot.

Their Max 10 bus stop for search results makes it impossible to find my stop at home, so I have to use Every time I visit that page I so want to redesign/rewrite it. If it wasn't for the "favorite" feature, I would have gone mental ages ago.

On a side note, I think Talkmores max price subscription looks promissing. I think I would have gone for it if I knew I was going to stay here for an other year. But at the moment I need to find out what my next step will be first I guess...

- ØØ -

I do not make enough calls to get past OneCall’s free minutes and sms’es per month, so getting a subscription where I would have to pay for having more free minutes would just be throwing money out the window…

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